AV Techniques


Following is a list of techniques that you will find useful in understanding and using the Lessons. The descriptions of the techniques listed below are not all available yet. These will be added as time and resources become available. Keep checking back often. Meanwhile, use the Forum to discuss and interact with other parents. Thank you for your patience!
AVT 001: The Hand Cue

AVT 002: Exaggeration

AVT 003: Acoustic Highlighting

AVT 004: Purposeful Pause

AVT 005: Turn-Taking

AVT 011: Self Talk

AVT 012: Parallel Talk

AVT 013: Speech Babble

AVT 014: Targeted Repetition

AVT 021: Modeling & Imitation

AVT 022: Sabotage Technique

AVT 023: Expansion

AVT 024: Chunking

AVT 025: Auditory Sandwich

AVT 031: Story Telling

AVT 032: Role Play

AVT 033: Experience Book

AVT 034: Chart Story

AVT 035: Conversation Book

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