AVT 002

AVT 002




What It Is

Exaggeration is a technique where we emphasize all aspects of our speech in order for the child to pay attention to it and learn from it. This makes spoken language sound 'sing songy', rather like a mother talking to her infant. There is a wide variation in pitch, and loudness variation is much more than in normal spoken language.

This is different from acoustic highlighting which is targeted toward
specific sounds, words or phrases.

How To Use It

To use exaggeration, you need to vary your pitch and loudness a lot more than you do in normal conversation. This is best learned by watching the video clip.

When To Use It

Use exaggeration only in the early stages of listening, when your child is still learning to listen to sounds and is learning the patterns of spoken language. As soon as he is able to detect and attend to spoken language patterns by responding with an action or vocalization, you should go back to talking naturally (i.e., using natural spoken language patterns).

Video Clips

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Additional Comments

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